The power of the internet has redefined how people buy and sell homes today.  Many buyers go online to look for houses before they ever contact an Agent.  The need for a strong internet presence for our sellers is obvious.  No amount of internet searching can replace local knowledge, decades of experience and a personal touch.  When you list with us, we provide you with a comprehensive market analysis, pricing trends and inventory to arrive at a sales price that quickly generate interest from qualified buyers.  We complete a property preparation inspection that identifies areas of improvement, and develop a plan of action to boost your sales price and promote the sale of your home.  

Our marketing plan saturates local markets and connects with national and international feeder markets.  We will host your property on our site with unlimited amounts of full color photographs and a Virtual Tour.  We will reach out to our many contacts in our social media community and real estate industry, as well as throughout the neighborhoods where we have established face to face connections with residents and business owners.

We will also list your home or property with the area’s multiple listing service (MLS) and present high quality photos and information about your home or property with other brokers and agents.  In addition to online marketing, WestShore will place a for sale sign at the property and develop high quality brochures and direct mailings to reach your target audience.