WestShore Real Estate Group breaks the barriers of traditional real estate brokerages in practice, agent empowerment, and customer service. Designed with the future of the industry in mind, WestShore weaves technology and opportunity to create a client focused suite of services aimed at transforming the entire consumer experience. Founded on the principles of maintaining integrity, accessibility and responsibility to clients, WestShore’s cornerstone is creating a valuable connection stemmed from efficient communication between broker and client. WestShore agents are skilled, entrepreneurial, detail oriented, and focused on exceeding client expectations. Our agents work to deliver the best possible experience, helping clients make solid investments-not just buy real estate.

With an expansive resume as buyers, sellers, developers, landlords and borrowers, WestShore Real Estate Group has decades of experience in every avenue and market condition of the real estate industry. Our top-notch agents absorb an unprecedented amount of knowledge in all aspects of the business, creating an unbeatable team of resources for our clients. We understand the data and statistics, but more importantly, our ability to interpret and act in all market conditions empowers our agency to stay at the cusp of the business. Our other side, Gerson Development, creates architectural urban and mixed use developments that are designed to sustain a community, revitalize the culture, and craft THE up-and-coming neighborhood of tomorrow.

Mitchell Gerson, CEO and Founder of both WestShore Real Estate Group and Gerson Development, brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, connections, and successful developments as a backbone to both organizations. His uncanny ability to see architectural vision and potential in various real estate environments lends to his wild success in both the Chicago and San Diego real estate markets. Gerson is incredibly involved in the entire real estate process, as well as the development of his agents. With a goal to create a new breed of real estate agent that challenges mediocrity, Gerson strives to transform a typical agent into an innovative broker entrepreneur. In essence, Mitchell Gerson is elevating the level of professionalism, knowledge, and service experienced in the industry today.

As a constantly evolving and creative agency, we strive to discover new agents that not only align with our core values, but exude confidence and business knowledge that enhances their capabilities as an agent. Designed for the confident, entrepreneurial agent, WestShore Real Estate Group enables brokers to create a flourishing business within the brand. Ignite your passion for real estate and take charge of your business, career, and connections through our agency. Offering stellar keys to success and mentoring from one of real estate’s top creative minds, the agency created an environment ideal for growth, development, and success of its agents. WestShore is nimble, offering agents a greater capacity to earn, thrive, and progress both personally, as well as professionally within the business. With the latest in technology and innovative marketing systems at your fingertips, WestShore agents can efficiently and effectively create a value-driven real estate experience for their clients.

We believe real estate is a business of optimism, driving our agency to continually innovate and evolve. Market conditions change: our motivation for our clients remains constant and ever-present.