Operated under the direction and vision of a single owner, WS stands today as one of the best independent real estate companies in San Diego.

We maintain a friendly approach to the neighborhood REALTOR and strive to provide a true partnership with all of our clients and listings. 

Discover the WestShore difference. 

Letter from the Broker:

Why would I want to open a Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage firm? There is a glut of offices out there and my developments keep me very busy. Over the past thirty years I have dealt with so many residential and commercial firms, some were pretty good, but most were awful. Not returning calls, not representing their sellers, not understanding their own listings. It’s an experience that has given me the desire to run a Brokerage the right way. With competence and professionalism ALWAYS putting our Client first.

I know Real Estate. It is all I have ever done and I have bought and sold hundreds of properties. My experience has been that many times the Brokers involved make the process so much more difficult than it needs to be. That goes for both Residential and Commercial – something is amiss. Let’s face it, everyone has the same tech. Everyone has IDX, or access to CoStar or Loopnet searches. They have spiffy websites and brochures claiming how busy or successful they are, marketing their “image” is the forefront of their business.

At WestShore, we value our Agents and they are the forefront of our business. Salespeople are the backbone of any firm. A firm is only as competent as the people who are working for them. Everyone is equipped today with all the gadgets and apps needed for the job. What is more important is how Brokers communicate with the Client. Do they listen? Do they call back right away? Can they meet face to face? Can they accurately price a property? WestShore can! At WestShore, we know our markets, we walk our markets. We have been sellers and buyers. We hire only ethical individuals with compassion for solving the complex needs of our clients. Our Agents possess excellent negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills.