Independent Living
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WestShore Real Estate Independent & Assisted Living Developments.
Enriching Lives with the same Quality and Innovation that we’re famous for.

WestShore Real Estate Group is proud to fulfill a growing need within the industry: The design and development of Assisted Living and Independent Housing facilities. Independent Living, Assisted Living and Retired Communities differ in their needs, making it vital for an experienced residential and commercial developer to not only understand those needs, but implement various design techniques to ensure fluidity with the development of these communities.

Adult children are often challenged with the decision to move their parents in retirement communities. Many of the continued care retirement communities have lackluster finishes and seem so sterile compared with the homes that these residents are coming from. When these clients are used to texting on their iPhone and watching television on an HDTV, taking a step down is not the answer. WestShore creates modern communities with high-quality construction and endless amenities to ensure retirees living in both independent and assisted living can enjoy the comforts and convenience of modern furnishings.

At WestShore Real Estate Group, we understand the growing need for well-planned Senior Living Communities that focus on both the housing and health concerns of the baby boomer generation. With expert architects and innovative designs, WestShore is transforming the typical Senior Living Community into a technologically streamlined development that enhances care while maintaining the luxuries and high-end finishes of a typical new-construction project. We are thrilled to bring our knowledge of commercial and residential development together to create innovative communities that change the way retirees see living in the future.

WestShore Real Estate Group is actively researching markets across the US to determine high-demand locations to develop these state-of-the-art facilities. Our 30+ years of experience in multiple market conditions and geographic locations lends itself perfectly to this ever-growing market.

We are incredibly involved in the planning, design and development of each community. Please check back with our site for updates on new developments. foot