Coronado, CA

Beautiful Coronado Island is connected to San Diego by an isthmus known as “The Strand” and the iconic Coronado Bridge. This affluent coastal community has fantastic boutique shopping, high-end restaurants, and five star resorts like The Del Coronado and Loews Coronado. With fantastic events year round, a rich military history, a popular tourist destination and listed as one of America’s best beaches, Coronado is a beautiful laid back community to call home. The bridge to Coronado and Silver Strand serve as the only two travel options to the area, which can be difficult for travel during peak hours. San Diego is in talk to develop additional travel on Highway 75 to alleviate some of the congestion.

Home to great festivals like the July 4 parade, Coronado Flower Festival, Superfrog Triathalon and many other sporting events, Coronado is an active community. The United States Navy has a large presence on Coronado Island and the beaches of Coronado are famous for training America’s most elite Navy Seals. Coronado is a main tourist attraction in San Diego, which brings an influx of people to the island during weekends, special events and summers. Tourist traffic allows local businesses and restaurants to thrive, greatly adding to the economy in the area.

Coronado real estate is a premium, with median listing prices at $1,260,226, making this community expensive, luxurious and exclusive. The diversity of the real estate includes small to medium single family homes and high-rise apartment and condominium developments. While most construction took place between the 1970s and 1990s, some pre-war homes still stand on the island, yielding a wide range of architectural diversity that adds to the distinctly nautical flare of the island. You may find some areas in Coronado with lower owner occupancy because the homes serve as vacation rentals and second homes. Understanding the diverse neighborhoods and housing options is the key to ensure your satisfaction with your home purchase on Coronado.

Residents on the island are wealthier and considered urban sophisticates; highly educated, patronizing the arts, maintaining open views and socially connected. Most residents work as executives, managers or professionals, and are highly educated, making this area an ideal environment to raise a family. Surprisingly, the public schools in this area are ranked lower than other areas in San Diego. Most residents take advantage of the fantastic private schools available in San Diego. If sending your child to a public school is a must, research your area to ensure the best school options.

Because of the vacation rental market, Coronado can offer great investment opportunities if you can purchase the right property. Our agents understand the value and specific requirements of an investment property. We can help you locate the perfect option for your needs!

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