Mitchell Gerson
With expertise in real estate development, investments, and property management, Mitchell Gerson’s career spans multiple facets of the real estate industry. His passion for creating and maintaining unique residential, commercial and mixed-use spaces lends to his nature of constant progression in his professional career. Gerson’s recent venture, WestShore Real Estate Group, is the evolution of his desire to transform real estate brokerages into nimble, cutting-edge, accessible and responsible agencies. A strong vision for the future and decades of experience fortify Gerson’s legacy as a successful entrepreneur in the industry.
Since 1985 Mitchell Gerson Has...
  • Purchased and developed more than 80 properties valued at over $200 million.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with Lenders.
  • Created outstanding relationships with the best General Contractors, Engineers and Architects.
  • Identified and completed unique and challenging commercial real estate ventures.
Gerson Real Estate
And Development
Market Intelligence. Strategic Planning. Architectural Vision. Sustainability.

With an expanding real estate portfolio across multiple regions, Gerson Real Estate and Development’s 30 year tenure includes pioneering New Urbanism and Smart Growth before their definitions existed. Our bold architectural statements are backed by quality construction and a strong vision to create both functional and sustainable developments. Partnering with innovative minds yields an indomitable strategy to plan, develop and deliver top-notch quality.

For more than 30 years, Mitchell Gerson, CEO and Founder, has been recognized as one of the most successful and creative real estate minds in the Chicago area. Employing cutting edge technology, careful planning, and precise execution, Gerson creates profitable projects that stand the test of time. Mitchell Gerson’s confidence, integrity, and tenacity create an unforgettable figurehead within the business, yielding prosperous relationships with bankers, architects, contractors, and brokers. Gerson’s professionalism and commitment to success back his reputation as a unique and cutting edge developer in both the Chicago and San Diego areas.

By incorporating and respecting the integrity, architecture, and neighborhood culture, coupled with our strong and unique vision, we have created a brand with unparalleled success and experience in developing real estate, Class A property acquisition, and urban infill. Gerson Real Estate and Development lives by its mission: to provide follow through, project completion, loans paid in a timely manner, and profitability. Our quality construction and service to tenants thereafter is what separates Gerson Real Estate & Development from the rest of the pack; we deliver a superior product and service that is second to none.

Through the design and creation of urban and sub-urban mixed-use developments, where shops, offices, apartments, and homes are interwoven, Gerson Real Estate & Development is revitalizing neighborhoods and assuring that these communities will thrive for years to come. Exploring a variety of opportunities allows our firm to maintain a diverse portfolio and unique connections within the industry. Gerson Real Estate and Development, driven by Mitchell Gerson’s distinct vision, is an unparalleled force in the real estate industry.

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